Palo Escrito back& sides

Palo Escrito back& sides
2014 April Palo Escrito flamenca

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I'm working on some baroque cello bows, here is the first one. Ipe stick and a snakewood clip in frog. 


  1. The lines in the carving are fluid and beautiful.

    In the second photo, is it about two feet?
    Sorry for the ped-antics.

  2. I don't know why it is frog, but I can find out. The stick is about 28 ".

    Are you going to switch to cello now? HAHAHa

  3. No way. The guitar is more than I can handle. People ask if I can do this or that on the guitar, and I tell them it takes all my time just to play a little flamenco.
    I was teasing you because your feet are in the photo.
    That aside, the carving is attractive and pulls the eye along.
    I also enjoyed the newer post about rosettes and art. I enjoy learning about art and color from your posts over the years.